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Written by Pat Ireland   
Friday, 25 November 2011 23:02


We've been cleaning up and fixing up, planning and preparing and Advent is here!   Please join us on Saturday, Nov 26 for our Anniversary Open house.  The church is all decorated.  We have a  wonderful assortment of creches as well as fascinating history displays.

Sunday, Nov. 27th: We welcome back former members and extended family to celebrate our 125th Anniversary.   Following worship you can enjoy conversation over a fellowship meal.

Dec 4th:  Enjoy "Desert First" as we anticipate the Christmas coming of Christ.   There will be an important called meeting of the congregation following worship.


Dec 11th: Following worship, we continue to welcome Jesus by providing worship for our friends and neighbors at the Golden Living Center.


Dec 18th: The children will present the message in the form of a play:  Michael Mouse.  You won't want to miss this story about the true meaning of Christmas.


Dec 24th: Celebrate with  candlelight Christmas Communion at 7pm.


Dec. 25th:  Merry Christmas!

Join us for Carols, stories and gifts for all ages.

The Christmas Joy Offering will be received on Dec 18 and 25.

Fellowship 10:00 am             Worship 10:30

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Written by Pat Ireland   
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 15:23

For some time now, our worship has started with a sung introit and an unspoken Body Prayer.  (See below for more information)

My morning was blessed by this e-mail from one of our younger Elders and I asked to be able to share it with you.  The church family will recognize the child, visitors to this site can simply know that we are passing on the faith.

"Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to load up for the trek to the school I took pictures of  [my son] like any mom would do on the first day of school.  I told him to stand on the bench.  When he got up there he started doing the body prayer.  He kept doing it over and over and over.  I chuckled and was puzzled about it at first, but the more I thought about it the more I was touched by it.  He LOVES doing this prayer in church because it doesn’t require any words.  I’m not sure that his little mind really comprehends the meaning behind the actions, but I have a feeling that his heart does.  It was sweet and brought tears to my eyes later in the day as I struggled with how big he’s become and how fast time is passing it made my heart happy that I knew he was starting his day with God at the forefront.
"Thank you for all that you do.  It’s truly evident that you make an impact on the little ones and their growing faith."

Thank God for this congregation and all it means to this community.


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Written by Pat Ireland   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 16:37

2011 marks the 125th Anniversary of the founding of our Congregation and we think that is worthy of celebration! Session has asked to have the church put on the Chase County County Christmas  Home tour, , Nov. 26 and we’ll continue the celebration on Sunday, Nov 27  with Advent Worship and Dinner.

To help us make it a celebration to remember the planning group will meet Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00 pm at the church.  Please come help them shape a wonderful celebration of our ministry.   If you can help with the celebration but can’t attend the meeting, please contact Sheila Cooper.

Sunday, Aug 28 is a back to school Fellowship.  The Worship Service theme will be two stories of Moses; the brave midwives and the burning bush.  We’ll explore them with both children and adults!

Following worship we’ll have a Pot Luck Luncheon and enjoy table talk.  It has a busy and blessed summer and we’ll celebrate our accomplishments and look ahead.  Please plan to join us and like the little boy with loaves and fishes, bring what you can and there will be plenty for all!



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Written by Pat Ireland   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15:23

Parents of children ages 3-18 are enrolling their kids for school this week. We are delighted that the preschool is included in the process this year. The Wednesday Night Bible study will meet at 7:15 to look at Public Education: A Complex Picture from the Thoughtful Christian. I sat on the back porch this morning preparing for the study. It really got me to thinking!

The study was written by Martha Bettis-Gee, an associate for child advocacy for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The article outlines two competing cultural narratives imbedded in the national psyche.

The first, from the preamble of our Constitution is very biblical: the promotion of the common good (the general welfare) as a fundamental principle underlying the establishment of the nation. It is about the community’s responsibility to guarantee basic human rights to all, regardless of their means or access to opportunity or power. Through promoting the common good, a nation provides for the well being of all, including the most vulnerable in its midst.

The second is the American Dream of individualism and personal responsibility epitomized by Horatio Alger. Individual success is achieved entirely through one’s own hard work. Though the phrase comes from Benjamin Franklin, not the Bible, the “proof text” for the American dream is “God helps those who help themselves.”

Bettis-Gee suggests that these two narratives, though firmly held, can be in conflict and demonstrates that with the debate of public education. She provides a fascinating time-line of the development public education and the challenges it has faced in America over the last two centuries. The article closes with No Child Left Behind that is up for reauthorization in 2012. The shape of the new legislation will affect us all.

At the same time we know that in Kansas there is a developing education about what constitutes an “adequate education” (the constitutional minimum) especially as it relates to a “comprehensive education” (the historical objective). Imagine Chase County will be facilitating that conversation later this fall.

All this is to say, that we’ve stumbled (or the Spirit has led) us into a very important and timely topic for all people of faith. I encourage you to join us Wednesday evening. If you miss the study, contact me and I can send the study and timeline.

This congregation has a long history of involvement and support for public education. Perhaps it is time to consider our involvement in the future of the schools in Chase County.

Praying for our Schools, Pat



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We Did It! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pat Ireland   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 15:40

On Monday, August 1st we closed on the property south of the church. We paid cash for the purchase and, it looks like by the time the final donations have been received that we will have done it without using any budget or reserve funds. THANKS so much to all who have helped us take this bold step.

We are grateful to the seller for offering it to the church at a reasonable price and to all who helped us make a "possibility a reality."

We look forward to working with the preschool to transform what was a neighborhood liability into an asset for our children for years to come!

The plan is for the preschool to remove the house as soon as possible. The second step will be to fence and then develop the area into an outdoor classroom and playscape. The preschool planning team is still open to ideas and assistance. Contact Director Alana Ingle or Board member Sarah Uher for more information.

Pre-school will resume in a month. The replacement of the church roof and gutters is complete and the manse awaits new siding to finish up that job. It has been a busy summer and we give thanks to God for providing the resources to take these bold steps in our ministry.





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