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Written by Pat Ireland   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 23:59

Sunday,  March 24

Palm Sunday Parade 10:30 followed by the Passion Story

Thursday,  March 28

Communion and prayer as we remember Jesus last night with his disciples.   7pm

Sunday, March 31 EASTER!

Easter Sunrise Service at Camp Wood 7am followed by biscuit breakfast.

Hospitality 10:00 at church

Celebration of the Resurrection 10:30.


Shared with the residents at at Golden Living at 2pm.



Thoughts from Palm Sunday Service

The Passion of Jesus was not his death…

His death, his crucifixion, was the consequence of his passion; his passion for life, for eating and drinking with sinners – from a Samaritan women at the well, to the local tax collector.  His passion was not settling down, but traveling the countryside with a gang of friends to declare the Kingdom of God.

His passion was healing the hopeless, raising the dead, driving out demons and feeding the hungry.  His passion was to challenge the temple powers and religious elite to practice love rather than ritual, to understand the heart rather than the letter of the law.

His passion was to live in under the reign of God to live as if God were really present and active in the world.  His passion was to remain true to his sense of call, his relationship to the “father” and his role as son.

His passion resulted in his death.

NO one took his life from him, not Pilate or Ciaphas, he laid it down because being authentic, living out his call, was more important than even life itself.  They could kill him, but they could not change him.  It wasn’t easy; we are haunted by the echoes of the psalmist uttered from the cross, “Eli, Eli….”

Yet the miracle and mystery is that God can/did take even suffering and death, and transform it into a new life, a promise of resurrection for all who are passionate about becoming the kind of person that God seeks to live in and become heirs to the kingdom, those who seek to live in eternity both now and forever.

I cannot explain how it works.  Some consider Jesus as a sacrifice remembering the binding of Isaac and the Passover lamb whose blood protected from the death angel.  Some think of victory over death and evil, while others consider it as sign of God’s reign breaking into our world and Jesus as the pioneer leading the way.

Many, many through the years continue to have keen sense Jesus’ living presence with them, behind closed doors, on the road, when sharing a meal or even when feeling abandoned by God.  Some are simply so moved by Jesus passion that they dare to join in it becoming so aware of the living God, the Christ, that they seek to be at one with all that is good and holy.

But I’m moving ahead way to quickly.  Easter comes, not from the Hallelujah parade of palms, but the betrayal of Thursday, the horror of Friday and the stillness of Saturday’s tomb.  Only then when we begin to grasp the loss, the passion of the beloved and the pouring out of God’s own self; only then as we approach the tomb to mourn, can we discover that Jesus is not there.  Our God is not a god of the dead but of the living.

So let us move forward


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Written by Pat Ireland   
Thursday, 07 March 2013 20:35

Sunday, March 17th 11:00am  Easter Cantata at the CWF UM Church 

Sunday, March 24  10:30 am Palm/Passion Sunday

Sunday, March 31Sunrise service at Camp Wood 10:30 am Resurrection Worship in Sanctuary

Sunday, April 7  10:30 am Methodists join us for Holy Humor Sunday


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Season of Lent PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pat Ireland   
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 03:10


Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. Thus in 20113 Lent begins on February 13, 2013 and ends on March 30, the Dark Saturday before Easter on March 31st.

The season is observed as one of preparation for Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. This congregation marks the season with special services on Ash WednesdayPalm Sunday, and Maundy Thursday In addition, the pastor leads  a Lenten Bible study is on Wednesday 7:15 PM at the church.  This year's study is entitled "An Acceptable Fast" from the Thoughtful Christian.

During Lent we discipline ourselves with with study and prayer. A variety of Lenten Devotional booklets are available in the sanctuary.  In addition we continue our ministry at the Chase County Food Pantry and the Community Clothes Closet, as well as collect offerings for the One Great Hour of Sharing, which supports the Ministries of Compassion all around the world, including Disaster Assistance, Hunger and Self Development of People.

All of this leads to to the great celebration  of Easter (April 31st)  with a Sunrise service at Camp Wood, and 10:30 Worship at the church.


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Souper Bowl PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pat Ireland   
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 15:27

The NFL had nothing over the Chase County Souper Bowl and we did not loose any power!  Indeed the light of joy and love was really glowing brightly.

After Christimas, First United Methodist Church of Cottonwood Falls challenged First Presbyterian and the game was on!   The Methodist’s ran up the score early while the Presbyterians got off to a slow start. However, when the score was posted, the energy began to build.

The Presbyterian strategy was always a fourth quarter surge and they pulled it off.  A super saver shopping team made maximum use of designated Deacon funds to run up the score at the last minute. In response the kids at the Methodist Sunday School called home to have parents bring extra items to worship.  When it was all over Everybody won!   

Folks from both congregations delivered and put away nearly 1200 items and cash to the local Food Pantry.

THANKS to all who played along and created such a wonderful blessing for our community!


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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pat Ireland   
Monday, 21 January 2013 16:14

unity.jpgThe Cottonwood Methodists and Presbyterians worshiped together Sunday Jan 21st. Rev. Pat Ireland officiated, joined by Pastor Kim Shank and Elder Sharon Griffin in a service celebrating our unity in the body of Christ. We were joined by others who came to support their message of love.

Outside, members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested during the fellowship before worship. A local group also gathered outside with signs simply stating, “We do not agree with their message of Hate.” We appreciate them and their message.

Preaching on the scriptures for the day, Rev. Ireland, paraphrasing Paul said:No one who says “God hates” is speaking by God’s Spirit. And, no one can say Jesus loves except by the Holy Spirit.” The Wednesday night Bible Study group simply says, “Not everyone who calls themselves Christian is.”

Referencing the Jesus’ miracle of changing water in to wine at the wedding in Cana and texts from both Old and New Testaments those worshiping were reminded that God loves a party and God’s reign is often manifest in celebrations of faith and unity. Such a Spirit certainly prevailed as the congregation sang hymns and joined in a litany of Thanksgiving led by the pastors.

The playfulness continued to the end of the service as the Methodists announced a significant lead in the Souper Bowl collection to benefit the local Food Pantry. Presbyterians have promised a second half surge. Stay tuned for details.


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